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Julie has the creative mind of a writer, the compassionate heart of a caregiver, the inquisitiveness of a journalist, the others-centeredness of an entrepreneur. These she brings to ministry through writing, publishing, conference speaking, Bible teaching, blogging, writer coaching, and caregiving. Her everyday life, along with her writing and speaking styles, demonstrate the absolute truth that living for Christ is never ordinary. It's always vibrant--always worth the sacrifice.
Caring for the
It's real life to thousands of families. Here are several true-to-life resources Julie created to equip you to honor your aging or ailing loved ones as you see to their daily needs--without neglecting your own.  She'll show you how to live a vibrant life through your caregiving season.
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Sacred, Worship, Classical Music
Joy Ieron and her sidekick Julie draw on their decades of church music ministry as instrumentalists and worship leaders to lead conferees, wedding guests, and church attenders into God's presence through the avenue of music.
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