Julie-Allyson Ieron

(pronounced Eye-Run)

"Life is filled with questions. Where we look to find the answers makes all the difference. Using my background in journalism and my passion for ministry, I carry the questions we’re all asking— about real-life issues—to God’s Word in search of satisfying, energizing, uplifting answers. I'd love to share with you the truth I've discovered." 

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Author of more than 40 Christian living books,  Julie-Allyson is a writing coach and conference speaker for church, women’s and publishing events. She also is a worship minister and choir director who has served on a patient and family advisory council for her community hospital.

Julie's newest release from Joy Media Publishing

The Magnificent Story:
What God begins in the beginning, He brings full circle in the end ...
What's in between holds one awe-inspiring plan

The Bible

¨ Written by 40 authors

¨ Over a span of 1500 years

¨ In three ancient languages

¨ Divided into 66 books-within-the-Book

To many it’s a mystery. Some pick it up, not knowing where to begin, and put it down again. But the key to understanding this majestic, lifegiving book is in recognizing the single thread of one unified story that runs through it. A magnificent story of lost and found, of twists and turns, of disaster transformed to beyond-imagination triumph. A story so inventive it could only have been planned by the loving Creator Himself.

It is that one story that Bible teacher Julie-Allyson Ieron retells in The Magnificent Story. In clear language, using colorful visuals and sprinkling in just a hint of poetry, she unwraps for you the mystery of the story that will change your life. 

Share the reading experience with your family or your study group. Find yourself in the narrative, try on your role, and experience a personal transformation to impact your today, tomorrow, and forever. 

Also from Joy Media Publishing

Don't Let This Throw You!

Last-minute instruction from Christ on thriving in uncertain days


Julie was going along with life and ministry until cancer sidelined her. Through many months of treatment and forced isolation, Julie and her mom found God present and active at every turn, providing dozens of opportunities to live out a lifetime of faith. The connection between Scripture teachings and real life became especially vivid as they dug into the life lessons Jesus offered in the Upper Room. This is a story and a study. As you’re swept away by Julie’s storytelling, you won’t be able to resist her challenge to dig into those last-minute instructions from the Master for yourself. And His action plan will make you unshakeable the next time life tries to throw you.

Julie has the creative mind of a writer, the compassionate heart of a caregiver, the tenacity of a journalist, the others-centeredness of a businesswoman. All these she brings to writing, publishing, conference speaking, Bible teaching, music ministry and caregiving. She is author or collaborator of more than 40 Christian Living, Bible Study, Fiction and Devotional books and a church worship minister.

Julie’s presentations are as varied as her books. Audience favorites include her practical questions for God teaching series (based on The GOD Interviews), Sisters in Faith topical studies, tools for digging into the Word, prayer from Christ’s perspective, and comfort for caregivers of aging parents.

Among her newest and most requested books and conference topics are,

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