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Julie's books demonstrate the vibrancy of the God-focused life. She weaves Bible content with contemporary examples. Let her be your companion as you apply timeless truth to 21st-century life. 

The Magnificent Story:
What God begins in the beginning, He brings full circle in the end ... What's in between holds one awe-inspiring plan

The Bible. To many it’s a mystery. Some pick it up, not knowing where to begin, and put it down again. But the key to understanding this majestic, lifegiving book is in recognizing the single thread of one unified story that runs through it. A magnificent story of lost and found, of twists and turns, of disaster transformed to beyond-imagination triumph. A story so inventive it could only have been planned by the loving Creator Himself.

It is that one story that Bible teacher Julie-Allyson Ieron retells in these pages. In clear language, using colorful visuals and a bit of poetic license, she unwraps for you the mystery of the story that will change your life. Share the reading experience with your family or your study group. Find yourself in the narrative, play your role, and experience a personal transformation to impact your today, tomorrow, and forever. 

Paperback edition

Don't Let This Throw You

Last-minute instruction from Christ on thriving in uncertain days.

Discover how God's action plan can make you unshakable the next time life tries to throw you. 

Julie didn’t think anything of her symptoms at first. Until trouble blindsided her. Trouble with a capital “C” for Cancer. Through many months of treatment and forced isolation, Julie and her mom found God present and active at every turn, providing dozens of unforeseen opportunities to live out a lifetime of faith. Their most hopeless place transformed into a sanctuary of joy and peace. The two realized they were seeing biblical truth come alive before their eyes. The correlations between Scripture teachings and real life became especially vivid as they dug into life lessons Jesus offered in the Upper Room, hours before His crucifixion. 

This is a story and a study. 

As you’re swept away by Julie’s emotive storytelling, you won’t be able to resist her challenge to dig into those last-minute instructions from the Master for yourself. 

Imagine hearing God respond to your questions. What do You want from me? or Why have You allowed bad things to happen to me? Applying biblical truth to today's hardships, The GOD Interviews creates a forum to ask questions and explore God's answers from the Word. You'll find its fictional characters engaging and its honest handling of Bible promises relevant.  $10.99  - Paperback edition
Prayer is more than requests. It isn’t about getting our answers. Actually, it isn’t about us. Prayer is about relationship between Almighty God and you. In Praying Like Jesus, you'll get the close-up perspective of God the Son. Savor this dynamic study of 52 ways Jesus prayed for you one chapter at a time or one a week for a year.  $9.99  - Paperback edition
What's in a name? In this look at 52 Names of Women of the Bible (one a week for a year), Julie shows that God’s work through women is worthy of celebration. Learn about Eve to Huldah, Hanna to Vashti. Excellent for devotions or study. Ideal for promo giveaways!  $5.99 - Paperback edition
It's an imaginative tale of what might have been ... In And There Were in That Same Country, let Julie's vivid creativity transport you into the place and time when God was preparing individuals for an announcement of earth-shattering consequence. Enjoy this beautiful, four-color tale of memorable individuals who had no earthly idea their lives would one day intersect the King of kings.Great to share with family in devotional times during the Christmas or Easter seasons. Its study questions make it a perfect tool to equip you to maintain a family tradition of talking about the faith as you walk along life’s path (Deuteronomy 6:6-7). $10.99 - Paperback
As someone who both loves Jesus Christ and is playing a God-ordained role in the secular world, you’ve probably struggled with the question: How am I supposed to act—as Christ’s representative in this place? God’s Word Contains the Answers!There is a balance point in which we remain true to our new natures as believers in Christ and yet succeed by making significant contributions in our spheres. It is that balance point that award-winning Julie-Allyson Ieron examines in Staying True in a World of Lies. She uses engaging examples, biblical truths, and real-life stories to address the practical issues you’ll encounter as you walk the tightrope of maintaining personal integrity while succeeding in your work, family and community.  $9.99 - Paperback 
If balancing the lives of your family, your work, your church, and your community is leaving you breathless and overwhelmed … There is Hope! Right Here and Right Now! In Conquering the Time Factor, Julie blasts the myths that keep you from making the most of the moments God has entrusted to you. $9.99  - Paperback

Sisters in Faith Bible Study Series
by Julie-Allyson Ieron (Wesleyan Publishing)

Courageous Women in the Bible
Step Out in Faith.
Live Life With Purpose.
Throughout history, the courageous actions of ordinary women have inspired kings, warriors, entire nations. Courage, after all, changes the world. In this volume, study the lives of eight Bible women—and eight more modern-day women—who courageously followed God’s calling despite the cost, despite human logic, and despite imminent danger. As you study and grow together with other sisters in Christ, you, too, will be empowered—and your world will never be the same. $6.99 
Transformed Women in the Bible
Explore Real-life Issues.
Experience Real Life Change.
A moment with Jesus will change you forever! Because Jesus valued women—He talked with them, listened to what they had to say, saw into their hearts, met their deepest needs. And He’s still about the same business in women’s lives today. As you dig into His interactions with New Testament women, you’ll experience the transforming touch of God’s love—until your everyday life sparkles with fresh hope and overflowing joy. $6.99 
Sisters in the Bible:
Celebrate Relationships.
Experience God's Power.
Nothing is stronger than the bond of sisterhood. God designed His creation so no one has to walk life’s road alone. Sisters lift each other up. In this study, meet eight sets of Bible sisters—by blood, marriage, or faith—who illustrate the joys and challenges of true companionship. Thrive together with your own sisterhood as you dig into these poignant stories of life and faith. $6.99 

Just for Caregivers

14.5 percent of the population are older adults! But it’s not a numbers game. When it comes to our aging parents, it’s personal. Packed with emotional baggage. Fraught with fear and exhaustion. Frankly, it’s overwhelming!That’s why I’m telling new stories of real families grappling with the caregiving challenge. It’s why I assembled cutting-edge resources to help us walk the road with our parents and loved ones.—Julie-Allyson IeronThe Overwhelmed Woman's Guide to Caring for Aging Parents is the combined story of dozens of adult children and how they learned to cope with the shift from taker to giver. It’s real. Sometimes poignant. Sometimes gut-wrenching. It’s your story, too.--Identify the emotional and spiritual issues you might face--Grapple with real-life dilemmas of caregiving families—families like yours.--Be encouraged by stories from caregivers who’ve lived it, biblical examples that are amazingly relevant, and professional insights explained clearly in laymen’s terms.This Tenth Anniversary Expanded Edition features never-before told stories, an up-to-date resource list, and a Study Journal to chronicle your journey for future generations. - $14.99 Paperback Edition

Devotional Book

Pressed Into Care: Who Cares for Exhausted Caregivers? Adult children of aging parents hear uplifting words here!“Like you, I wear many hats. I’m an author, a conference speaker, a worship minister … But the most important of all my roles is that I’m a caregiver. It’s a role that began to fall to me decades ago. One I’ve grown into–sometimes willingly, sometimes grudgingly. If you’ve picked up this eBook, you’ll understand that better than anyone.”In Pressed into Care, you’ll read 30 impassioned readings that will uplift, encourage and re-energize you for the task of caring for those you love, as they move through the stages of aging.Each entry features true-to-life content that’s equal parts heaven’s truth and earth’s grit. Julie is honest about the caregiving journey. And she writes out of her deepest heart—in the hopes that in being transparent, she’ll have the privilege of reaching your heart with the comforts and the challenges she’s received along the journey.Now, then, let’s get real about what happens when we get Pressed Into Care for our loved ones as they grow older. You’ll come away from each session refreshed and strengthened for another day of compassionate caring. - $9.99 paperback

Devotional Mini-book

Comforting Words for Caregivers: During her father's last serious illness and hospitalization, Julie-Allyson Ieron and her mother decided what they needed to hear the most was truth from God's Word. The reflections in this book are based on scriptures that Julie and her mother found the most uplifting during difficult times. These words will comfort you as well, as you give care to those facing illness, tragedy, or loss of any kind and need encouragement. 

For Those Who Are Grieving

Grieving hearts don’t need a buck-up and deal-with-it teaching. Instead, we need to feel, to experience, to uncover the truth of God’s faithfulness for ourselves. That’s why this Bible study/devotional combo set is invaluable. 

Gentle Hugs for Grieving Hearts: Study: Journalist and best-selling author Julie-Allyson Ieron offers compassionate, biblically sound comfort to readers who are sorrowing. This Bible study companion to her Care & Share devotional booklet with the same title, Gentle Hugs for Grieving Hearts Study Guide offers readers the opportunity to open their weeping hearts to the unchanging God of the Bible, Who has come alongside His grieving children down through history. Go through the study by yourself, or with a small group of fellow sorrowers. - Paperback, $11.99
Gentle Hugs for Grieving Hearts Devotional: Grieving hearts crave hope. They crave a gentle, honest response to their gut-check questions. In the 30 truth-packed readings of this minibook, Julie walks with readers through the worst days of sorrow. She offers realistic comfort, packaged with substantive hope.Paperback $4.00

Updated ebook editions with new study guides available on Kindle for the following books. 

Available exclusively on Kindle

Pearls to Treasure

What does it look like to follow Christ in everyday life? As a reporter, magazine journalist, author and conference speaker for more than 25 years, Julie-Allyson Ieron has interviewed thousands of people who opened up their life stories to her readers in answer to that question.

Jesus intentionally and creatively wrapped deep truths about the Kingdom of God in story. And so, Julie offers this compilation of the best stories from her articles, devotionals, essays and short fiction. She’s chosen these pearls from her story treasure chest, because they package observations out of the lives of saints and sinners to invite you into a deeper relationship with Christ, the Pearl of Greatest Price. 

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